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I have started my journey 4 years ago. Gaming and Streaming is my Life. League of Legends (LOL) was my favorite then and Sims of course. After I moved to England, I decided to start it more seriously. I am still building up my followers but it is my Life now and I love it. My advice: start it because you really love this Lifestyle and not for the money what you can earn, and not for more followers. Do it with Heart and Soul. Don’t give up, the followers will come to your channel if you give them quality. I went down on this road not to long time ago and I am still learning, I am one of you, but I can tell you you will love it 🙂

Latogass el a Twitch csatornamra : https://www.twitch.tv/lettiberry

How can you start?

As I beginner, I did same mistakes as everyone, because nobody helped me to start. I tried to find all necessary information online, but I felt lost. It is why I was happy, when The Capital Style asked me to write an article to help their customers with this journey.

What you can find in this article?

  • minimum starter package what you will need.
  • Which social media websites you need to have for get followers.
  • What is the most famous games now.
  • video editor, what you will need

Starter Kit

  • Gaming Keyboard: I am specially love the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, because gives me real gaming felling. Most of the famous streamer uses mechanical keyboard.
  • Gaming Mouse…wide range of gaming mouse is out now. Choose that style what you love really. My advice: comfortable and with back light.
  • Gaming Mouse Pad… Bigger is better 🙂 You can chose with light or without light. The Capital style has a really nice League of Legends Jinx Mouse Pad too.
  • Webcam: Wide range of prices from cheaper but good quality to the expensive one. Choose by your budget, but buy a good quality.
  • Microphone: same as the webcam. There are cheaper or more expensive. Choose by your budget. I advice to choose with Professional Recording Plug and Play One Key Mute with Stand & Pop Filter.
  • Headphone: it is really about your style. Make sure it is comfortable because you will use it hours.

Click the link for more information:


Not at least, make your room tidy, use lights (a lot) or a better sketch, a gamer headphone stand, buy a green photo background screen for streaming, extensions, gamer posters and models.

Social Media

Must have Social Media sites:

  • Facebook Page (not your personal account)
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitch

Video Editor

Now, I love Vegas Pro and using 16.0 version, but Vegas Pro 18 is really good too. Find Out more here: https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/gb/vegas-pro/?_oB=vegas-pro

Famous Games to start

Better to start with one from the most common knows games, because it is the easier way to build your audience.

  • Lague of Legends (LOL)
  • Among Us
  • Valorant
  • Genshin Impact

I hope I could answered to most questions what you may have, but feel free to contact me, used the links on the top of this blog or just leave a comment here.

Good Luck x

Much Love: Lettiberry






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